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As an agency for creative communication we build brands. This means we guard the visual identity of your brand, so you can tell your story: online and offline. We do this with a no-nonsense approach. Always strategic, well-founded and driven by a creative idea.


We believe in doing it together. We like to discuss the brand insights and use your consumer data in our constant search for opportunities and possibilities. With our expertise and knowledge we dive into a brand. We know what is going on in the market. What works and what doesn’t. We will be critical and challenge you, in order to create an experience that is recognizable for you as a brand, but at the same time shows your ambition.



We set up a strategy that we translate into a visual identity. We do this through a big idea or concept. We do not stop at art direction alone, as we believe that perfect execution makes the difference. We can help you with social content, brand books or brand experiences as physical locations. As a result, every form of communication is connected and recognizable over all different channels and you can tell one story.

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About us

Founding partners are Linda Franse and Esther Buitendijk. Linda has a background in interior design and forecasting & creative marketing, She started her own design agency SLF | Studio Linda Franse in 2010, located in Amsterdam. She believes that the details are what make you unique; As a person, as a friend or as a brand.
Linda has created brand experiences for various different brands. She likes to be behind the scenes and as Creative Director she is the creative brain of vanDAMM.

Esther started her own online platform in 2014, which has since grown into Blogstreet, in Rotterdam; a company that connects mom influencers and creatives to brands. Through her years of experience with mothers as the main target group, she knows what works and what doesn’t.
Esther prefers to be in the spotlight and she will not waste any opportunity to connect people with each other. As Account Director, Esther is the connecting factor within vanDAMM.

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