Koninklijke De Ruijter

Ongoing online visibility for The Netherlands’ most famous bread decorator

• Strategy
• Art direction
• Execution

Koninklijke De Ruijter, part of Kraft Heinz Company, is a producer of typical Dutch spreads such as chocolate sprinkles, chocolate flakes, fruit sprinkles and ‘mice’ (sugarcoated aniseeds).

The question

In response to the question 'How can we be permanently visible on social media with De Ruijter in the coming year?', we developed a concept that serves as a visual umbrella for all communications, and ensures all communications are compatible.

Our translation

Since Koninklijke De Ruijter works with various preferred suppliers, vanDAMM set up a document with visual guidelines. With this document, other suppliers and third parties (like media or social agencies, photographers and stylists) can all be briefed in the same way.

A direct translation of this visual concept is the social content, in the form of static and stop motion images, which we have provided including copy and relevant hashtags. In this way, the social post can be pre-arranged and scheduled by the media agency on Facebook and Instagram.

In support of the images, recipes have also been developed, so community management can provide immediate answers to questions from the target group.

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