Warm concept with recognizable content for all mothers

• Strategy
• Art direction
• Execution

Zwitsal is part of Unilever and the largest baby care brand in the Netherlands.

The question

Our first challenge for Zwitsal was clear; “make the brand accessible and recognizable for new mothers”. This resulted in the 'Home' concept, which captures the intimate and real moments (good or bad) with you and your child. This means, for example, that photography never takes place in a studio, but always in a real house with real families.

Our translation

As guardian of the concept over the visual identity of the brand, we have created visual guidelines, which serve as a guide for suppliers and third parties (think of media or social agencies, photographers and stylists).

Within this collaboration vanDAMM has produced the following expressions for Zwitsal:

  • Webdesign

  • Product- and mood shots + copy for the website and social media channels of Zwitsal NL

  • Product- and mood shots for the website and the social media channels of Zwitsal Italy (Proderm), Greece (Fissan) and Belgium (Zwitsal)

  • Campaign image for Zwitsal Conditioner (in collaboration with Isobar)

  • Campaign-, product- and mood shots for Zwitsal Diapers

  • Zwitsal How-to video’s (in collaboration with JWT)

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